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Practically Speaking English

Practically Speaking English

P.O. Box 6802

Fort Worth, TX  76115


About Us PSE

For additional information contact us to the next email: info@psenglish.org

Our teachers are natives of the United States of America who believe in the God given potential of the individual.  Our volunteer teachers desire to share their lives and the gift of the English language with those having a desire to learn.

Teachers give up one or two or more weeks of their lives to travel around the world to bring the gift of English in a relaxed teaching environment.  Students learn practical and useful English words and phrases very quickly and make quick friends with their teachers.

About Our PSE Methodology

The Practically Speaking English architecture is highly energized and highly interactive.  The atmosphere of the entire experience is intended to encourage each and every student to participate in individual and group practices that are oriented towards the communicative development of oral skills.  At every level of proficiency in English, the student is quickly and intentionally moved towards a higher confidence level in personal interaction and increased proficiency in personal oral expression.  Since the focus of the course is oral communication, reading and writing activities are minimized.

If you want to read more about our PSE Methodology, please click HERE.