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Practically Speaking English

Practically Speaking English

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Our PSE Courses

PSE provides two courses for the development of English lenguage:

Both courses have their bases in practices conversation, trying so improve the pronunciation and the extension of the vocabulary for either an area business or secular.

PSE Conversational Course

The Practically Speaking Conversational English course focuses on speaking practice, pronunciation improvement and vocabulary expansion.  While reading and writing English are recognized as very important, our course is designed to give each student maximum opportunity to hear, understand, and speak the English language to improve their level of proficiency in verbal communication using English.  Our goal is to provide exposure to practical and useful English so that the student can immediately begin to communicate in the English language.  Teachers are all native speakers of North American (United States) English and have been trained in the Total Physical Response method of second language teaching.

If you want to read a complete description of this course, click HERE.

PSE Buisness Course

This Business English course focuses on speaking practice and vocabulary expansion for business professionals, tourism workers, government workers, and university students with ambitions to work in business or professional fields where contact with colleagues and customers from the United States is expected.

Students should already be speaking and understanding at the Intermediate level (or above).  Those who have not reached the Intermediate level should take advantage of our Practically Speaking Conversational English Course.

If you want to read a complete description of this course, click HERE.