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Practically Speaking English

Practically Speaking English

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This Business English course focuses on speaking practice and vocabulary expansion for business professionals, tourism workers, government workers, and university students with ambitions to work in business or professional fields where contact with colleagues and customers from the United States is expected.

Students should already be speaking and understanding at the Intermediate level (or above).  Those who have not reached the Intermediate level should take advantage of our Practically Speaking Conversational English Course.

Our course typically includes five daily classes that last 2 hours (the equivalent of 10 hours of intensive exposure to the English language). Our classes are usually conducted from Monday through Friday.

Within the specific business topics, the students will receive practical, personal tutoring in:

Daily Class Schedule

The daily class includes:

What We Ask of Our Students


The Practically Speaking Business English curriculum has been specially developed to provide intensive practice of useful and practical English.  Individual practice and small group practice are used to multiply the amount of speaking time for each individual student during their small group class.

The Total Physical Response (TPR, hearing, understanding, saying, doing) methodology is incorporated throughout the curriculum.  Topics and vocabulary are specifically selected to provide English vocabulary and sentence structure that is immediately useful to the student.

Learning Aids

The curriculum materials include learning aids to enhance the learning experience.  Visual aids consist of wall charts, cue cards, photographs and other objects (clocks, common objects, etc.).  Hands-on learning aids (at the Primary and Beginner levels) consist of various objects that are used in group practice to complete the Total Physical Response loop (hearing, understanding, saying and doing).

Learning Objectives

 At each level of proficiency (from Primary to Superior), the goals of the course are:

Practically Speaking Buisness English Course Description